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Dr Red Ruby Scarlet can be engaged as a consultant in any aspect of pedagogy, research, organisational practices or curriculum. Need someone to write a curriculum specifically for your organisation? Need help on a special project? Want to improve on your organisations pedagogical practices? Red Ruby is the person you need.

Red consults in a wide range of areas including:

  • educational practices
  • pedagogy
  • curriculum
  • inclusion
  • anti-bias
  • leadership and teamwork
  • teacher-research
  • organisational practices
  • policy
  • art, arts practice and environments


Dr Red Ruby Scarlet gained her PhD from the University of Melbourne in 2010 on the topic Rethinking Equity in Everyday Routines in Early Childhood. This backed up her Honours thesis Secret Children’s Business: The Black Market of IdentityShe has a wealth of research skills that can be put into whatever project or study you are undertaking. Red particularly enjoys working with early childhood teachers on teacher research projects.


Dr Red Ruby Scarlet can be contracted to work with your centre or organisation ‘in residence’. She has held Pedagogical Residencies, Artist Residencies, Thinker in Residence, Researcher in residence and Curriculum Residencies .



Dr Red Ruby Scarlet runs customised workshops for conferences, individual education and care services or larger organisations. What is outlined here is just a sample of the workshops Red can offer.

Red can customise workshops on a range of topics:

  • Reflective practice
  • Critical reflection
  • Curriculum design
  • Music – Musical composition with children
  • Dance – Choreography with children 
  • Drama – Script writing and performance with children
  • Program and planning
  • Documentation 
  • Documentation as professional expression
  • Pedagogical provocations
  • Environments
  • Inclusion
  • Anti-Bias
  • Cultural diversity
  • Policy into practice
  • Ethics
  • Art
  • Creativity and expression
  • Teacher research
  • Children’s rights
  • Development of curriculum and learning frameworks

Below are her specific arts practice workshops designed to enable educators to explore, experiment and experience a range of techniques, arts materials and arts practices in the context of early childhood.


This workshop indulges in the wonderful worlds of painting. The everyday practices of painting in early childhood should be revered, rejoiced in and relished. During this workshop we will explore particular painting techniques. We will also enter into how different kinds of paint requires different kinds of brushes to accompany these techniques. Then we take a creative departure from established methods of painting to explore possibilities that are relevant to children of all ages. Examples of beautiful painting practice will be shared – this includes the work of children, educators and families. Painting opens up new worlds for self expression and reflections of how we see the world and how this is undertaken in everyday early childhood pedagogies.

Playing with clay

This hands on workshop is designed for educators to participate in learning both basic and creative ways to work with clay. By engaging in the actual process of presenting, teaching and caring for clay, participants will experience an arts based pedagogy that can then be practiced in the various educational settings in which they work with children of any age. Sometimes working with ‘art materials’ can feel scary but this workshop will put those fears at ease and the learning process will be delightful and meaningful. The workshop will also offer some useful resources that can accompany a wonderful and inspiring journey to practicing art in your everyday curriculum.

Word play

This workshop is a play on words, a play with words, and a wordy play! Participants will be engaged in ‘playful intentionality’ in two ways: Firstly in how the wonder of words can be executed in everyday practice with children, and, secondly, in how educators compose their pedagogical documentation. This exciting and highly creative and practical workshop is filled with possibilities and strategies that can be used in your everyday practices.

Drawing & storying

This hands on workshop is designed for educators to explore and work with a range of drawing materials. Drawing techniques will be explored along with the relationship between how self expression and story are conveyed through elements of design such as line, colour, light and shade and many more. The workshop will also offer some useful resources that can accompany a wonderful and inspiring journey to practicing arts in your everyday curriculum with children and as part of your reflective practices.

Making music

This hands-on workshop is designed to engage educators in learning creative ways of making and understanding music. Sometimes the idea of “making music” or including music in your curriculum can feel scary, but, this magical workshop will put those fears at ease and the learning process will be fun, accessible and meaningful. Educators will learn about the basics of reading, writing and telling stories through music – these skills can be engaged with children of all ages. Making music is integral to both children’s learning and educators reflective practice. Music is after all a universal language!

Storytelling & drama

This beautiful workshop explores processes of storytelling through creating characters and plotting stories that open up respectful and sensitive opportunities for engaging the pleasure that storytelling can enable. In this practical workshop we will create and inhabit characters that help us ask questions and engage in critical dialogue to experience the complexities that children ‘play out’ in their everyday play scripts. Like reality TV, children engage in the drama of events that inspire them, shape their lives and how they rehearse themselves as imaginative and creative human beings. These storytelling practices are geared toward relationship building, inclusion and they result in beautiful reflective practices.

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