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‘Pedagogical Provocations’ – is a collection of ‘little fragments’ of the ‘big ideas’ that comprise early childhood education.

The Pedagogical Provocations professional learning program has been designed to prompt thinking and discussion – individually and in teams. The offerings are meant to be questioned, debated and contested.

You might use the ‘cameo videos’ and ‘pocket booklet’ during planning time, room meetings, team meetings or whole staff meetings. They are perfect prompts for educational leaders to use in mentoring sessions with educators and teachers to get them thinking about and articulating practice. They will help you talk and think together about how these pedagogical provocations reflect centre and organisational philosophies. They are an effective tool to use in self-assessment processes for Quality Area 1 and can be the springboard to new learning and refined practice.

The videos are little cameos that offer an overview of:

• What each pedagogical provocation means
• Why each pedagogical provocation is important
• How you ‘do’ each pedagogical provocation

Each Pedagogical Provocation includes examples from Dr Red Ruby Scarlet’s pedagogical practices followed by questions to prompt thinking, conversations and planning.

The corresponding Pedagogical Provocations booklet has been designed to further support engagement, critique and rich critical debate!

It is by no means a comprehensive or in-depth account of any or all of the pieces of our profession. You may question any or all of the views presented – for in doing so you create the opportunity to refine your knowledge and understandings of how each provocation presents itself.

Pedagogical Provocations is NESA Approved for NSW teachers for 10 hours.

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The Anti Bias in Early Childhood Approach Edited by Red Ruby Scarlet

Fair’s Fair: How to Tackle Bias in Education & Care Services by Red Ruby Scarlet & Lisa Bryant


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