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Learn to Include Bundle


These four books by Brenna and Vicki Harding are a must-have in every early childhood setting including The Rainbow Cubby House, My House, Koala’s on parade and Going to Fair Day

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Product Description

Includes the following 4 books:

  • Rainbow Cubby House
  • My House
  • Koala’s on parade
  • Going to Fair Day

Learn to Include (LTI) is an Australian initiative, to publish inclusive children’s books featuring diverse families, including families with same-sex parents. The LTI easy-to-read series has been written by a primary school student and her mother – Brenna and Vicki Harding. They are fun and bright and perfect for pre-school and early readers. This is a fun and colourful story about the narrator, her mums, her friend Jed and his dads building a cubby house in the backyard and painting it in all the colours of the rainbow!