The Anti-Bias Approach in Early Childhood

This 3rd edition of the Anti-Bias Approach is essential reading for those who seek to make children’s lives beautiful and inclusive.

It builds on the first two editions edited by Elizabeth Dau.

Fair’s Fair: How to Tackle Bias in Education and Care Services

An inclusive and accessible guide to tackling bias in an education and care service, drawn from the ideas and theories in the Anti-Bias Approach in Early Childhood.

This book is designed to help you make your service safe for all children so they can learn.

The Aboriginal Early Childhood Practice Guide

Designed to assist non-Aboriginal early childhood educators and teachers to embed Aboriginal perspectives into their everyday curriculum underpinned by anti-bias approaches.

A must have for every service, educator and teacher.

Becoming With Art in Early Childhood

Uncertain about how, as an early childhood teacher or educator, you should “do art” with children?

This book is for you and for those who just love exploring and creating art with children.

Pedagogical Resources For Early Childhood Education


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