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MultiVerse produces high quality recorded webinars to allow educators and teachers across Australia to access high quality professional development at low cost.

The series below were recorded by the Aboriginal Early Childhood Collective (a collaboration between Jessica Staines, Koori Curriculum and Red Ruby Scarlet, MultiVerse). The links below are for a three month subscription for single users. If you are interested in acquiring a licence for multi users please click here.

This webinar is about the diversity of Aboriginal people and how they express and live their cultures. It guides connection and engagement with Aboriginal people as an authentic part of planning, teaching and assessment.

This webinar explores how to select local resources to embed Aboriginal perspectives into everyday curriculum across all learning outcomes.

This webinar is for educators and teachers who have Aboriginal children in their settings. How can you recognise the social issues that may impact Aboriginal children and their learning and simultaneously dispel stereotypes?

This webinar is about ensuring Aboriginal perspectives are included throughout the curriculum rather than added on. It explores how you can engage in pedagogical practices that reflect the diversity of local, rural, urban, traditional and contemporary Aboriginality.

Working with anti-bias approaches to embed Aboriginal perspectives focusses on the four anti-bias goals and how they can be put into planning and practice. 

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